Architecture Firm

World-class Architecture Firm

When you are browsing through architecture firms for help with your next project, consider the experts at ArchBoutant.

As a world-class architecture firm, ArchBoutant surpasses the other architecture firms in service and care. To create the best environments and atmospheres for people, we focus on creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We allow people to prosper in an atmosphere built specifically for their needs no matter if what is needed is a hospital, office space, or warehouse.

The Best of Architecture Firms Does It All

At ArchBoutant, we provide an array of architectural services to ensure your project is completed safely and on time. From commercial property construction to forensic architecture consultation, we have the experience, knowledge, and team needed to complete your project.

Our Architecture Firm Provides:

  • Residential Remodels
  • Commercial Remodels
  • Commercial Design and Construction
  • Environmental Planning
  • Architectural Design and Rendering
  • Interior Setup
  • Forensic Architecture Investigation, Consulting, and Litigation
  • Plan Review
  • Building Codes Compliance Review
  • Universal Design and Accessibility
  • and More

An Architecture Firm That Puts You First

To build a space that will fit your needs and support your day to day activities, we collaborate with you to identify your unique challenges. Together, we find a solution that promotes function, growth, and comfort. We believe in purposeful design so your space is not just a building but an effective environment and atmosphere.

Along with our focus on aesthetic and functionality, we also ensure your property is in compliance with all government codes and regulations. As the owner of ArchBoutant and former Fire Marshal, Eric Parnell has unique experience and knowledge of governmental codes and ensure your property is safe at all times. With the architect firm ArchBoutant, you never have to worry about your building’s safety, design, or project completion timeline.