Commercial New Construction and Remodels

Starting your project with a consultation, we design a solution to fit your business needs based on functionality and productivity. We help you navigate the labyrinth of building codes, zoning laws, and deed restrictions for a flawless process. From planning to interior setup, we ensure your space is designed for optimal workflow and comfort. We work worldwide and continue to accept projects both large and small.


Residential Remodels

We reconfigure and expand your home so it serves your lifestyle and day-to-day activities. By transforming the space in your home, you can continue creating memories while increasing functionality so your home is safe and comfortable for you and your family.

Forensic Architecture

ArchBoutant provides forensic architecture investigation, consulting, and litigation services. We discover the causes of commercial building failures with thorough investigations. We also help you avoid building failures with architectural consulting and help in defense with eyewitness testimony based on investigative findings.

Plan Review

From checking material selection to ensuring compliance with national and state building codes, we review your plan with precision. During any stage of your project, we are able to provide you with consulting services as well as comprehensive reviews and inspections. ArchBoutant has provided plan review and inspection services for complicated projects in excess of 180 million dollars and can perform them for your project as well.

Property Inspection

We provide comprehensive property inspections on residential and commercial buildings. We investigate your site to ensure the buildings meet proper regulatory standards. From building code analysis and zoning law investigation to ADA compliance analysis, we can provide the inspection services you need.

Fire Damage Reconstruction

After experiencing a fire, ArchBoutant’s can help you rebuild your existing structure in a timely manner to bring normality back to your life. With old or new construction, we are able to understand initial construction intent and rebuild so your new property is up to code with proper building materials and safety standards.

Industrialized Buildings

When you have an off-site factory, certain local code requirements must be met. At ArchBoutant, we are familiar with local and state building codes for industrialized buildings and can help ensure your property is up to code. We are experts in industrial design, inspections, and placement to help you avoid the pitfalls often associated with industrialized property.