Property Inspections

Comprehensive Property Inspections for Any Building Around the World

As a former Deputy State Fire Marshal and certified Building Official, founder Eric Parnell provides comprehensive property inspection services at ArchBoutant. Experienced and familiar with International Building Code, we are able to perform any sized inspection on any property around the world.

Comprehensive Property Inspections

Our inspections are comprehensive as we review every aspect of your home or commercial property. From mechanical aspects to design aspects, we investigate your entire building to ensure it meets the proper regulatory standards for your area.

Our Property Inspections Services Include:

  • Building Code Analysis
  • International Building Code Analysis
  • Building Plan and Specification Analysis
  • Infrared Thermography Survey
  • Zoning Laws
  • Fire Resistant Construction Inspection
  • ADA Compliance Analysis (Universal Design)
  • Maintenance Inspection
  • Electrical Examination
  • Mechanical Examination
  • Architecture Forensics
  • Commercial Engineering
  • Structural Evaluations
  • New, Existing, and Remodel Construction

When you are questioning the status of your building or need an expert’s review, trust the architects at ArchBoutant for your property inspections. Safeguard your future with accurate and thorough property inspections that can reveal concerning conditions and code violations. With ArchBoutant, you can protect your investment.

More Than Just Property Inspections

If your property inspection or plan review reveals concerns, the architects at ArchBoutant are able to provide you with advice and suggestions concerning the building. Whether you need to ensure approval from regulatory entities or meet standards for accessibility, we can provide input on the status of your building so it can meet the proper regulations. No matter what stage of construction you are in, we are able to provide you with the services you need for project competition and safety.

Call ArchBoutant today for accurate and thorough property inspection.